Why Rent a Flabelos Machine?

If you rent a Flabelos machine, full maintenance is included. You do not need a repair centre, a supply of spare parts, mechanic or maintenance records. These will be taken care of by us.

In the event of a breakdown, all you need to do is call us and we will immediatly despatch a fully qualified engineer to fix the issue. If this cannot be fixed in a timely manner then we will swap it out for another one.

If you no longer want your Flabelos, simple let us know and we will arrange to pick it up at no additional cost. If you owned your own, you would have to advertise the unit to be sold as a second hand model and have all the grief and costs that goes with this process. also there is the depreciation to factor in.

Why buy when you can Hire and have a hassle free experience

watch the flabelos in action


It’s much better and easier to hire your Flabelos from us.  Call now