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Rent a Flabelos Machine – If you have ever bought any type of home fitness equipment you’ll soon realise that most of it is quite bulky and difficult to store away. With each type of equipment targeting various muscle groups you can quite easily start collecting an entire gym.

The Flabelos Vibration Exercise machine is different! With all of your various muscle groups getting a good workout from this slender machine you’ll not need to worry about where to store it while it is not in use.

Fitness Equipment bought for home use tends to be rather expensive when you add it all up, further benefits of the the Flabelos home machine is that it provides a dynamic solution at a much lower cost because of the single investment needed. Also, with a single motor powered by a standard power output (UK 220-240 socket) the running costs are small and at an approximate 10 minute session per day (or even every other day) this makes it an ideal solution to your home fitness equipment.

To find out more or to reserver your Flabelos Vibration Exercise Machine please provide your details below or email you can also call us on 07866 054474where can i rent a flabelos machine from

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