Medical Benefits of a Flabelos Machine

medical benefits of exercising with a flabelos machineMedical benefits of using a flabelos machine – Many people already are aware of the great fitness benefits derived by those who rent or buy a Flabelos machine to enhance physical performance. It has been proven that effortless vibration training for just 10 minutes has the same great results in an athlete’s body as doing 100 leg presses or 200 drop jumps. In recent years, papers reporting favorable results of using vibration plates have been published. Users achieved muscular development, strength, power, balance and flexibility because the WBV exercise can build muscle mass faster, (in fact 2 times faster) than traditional the flabelos in action

Besides the benefits provided by the Flabelos vibration machine to athletes, less people know that when you use a Flabelos machine, you can also get medical benefits. This is regardless of whether you are recovering from a surgery or you are a senior client who needs extra health care. If you are under medical rehabilitation, a vibration plate like Flabelos can provide you with passive physiotherapy to prevent loss of muscular strength due to lack of exercise after a surgery. The WBV training can also speed up your recovery by improving your lymph and blood circulation while stimulating muscle repair and speeding up injury recovery.

If you are a senior client and you want to use a Flabelos machine, the benefits may seem endless. Even if you only rent a Flabelos machine for a certain period, you can expect to get help to correct the improper physical mobility and stamina. The exercise will stimulate your bone tissue, nerves, muscles and tendons to make them more flexible. Your joints may get strengthened, which could reduce swelling (if you have swellings on them). Your bones could also get strengthened, so you are given the advantage of battling osteoporosis.

When you use a Flabelos machine, and you use it according to your needs, you are actually doing an anti-ageing exercise. The vibrating plate increases blood circulation, strengthens the protein fibers (collagen) that connect your tissues, bone and cartilage. It can also stimulate Testosterone, the human growth hormone, and the mother hormone (DHEA). These benefits are very important for your body’s repair and regeneration processes.

For general health benefits, the Flabelos machines can reduce blood pressure and the stress hormone (cortisal) levels. Vibration training can also help in normalizing the hormone insulin, and enhances that “feel good factor” generated by endorphin and serotonin. This way, you could avoid feeling under the weather. Weakened back muscles, fragile bones that may tend to break can be helped by vibration plates. Doctors and chiropractors are recommending its use and even include this machine in their everyday practice. Before submitting their patients to a massage therapist, they are given a 10 minute workout. So that the therapist will now be working on warmed up and fluid muscles.

It is advised that if you have any pre existing medical conditions or on medication, that you always seek medical advice before starting any exercise programme.

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